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Alternative to Men’s Club AGM 2020
As a result of COVID19 restrictions and uncertainty around future gatherings the Mens Committee have decided to devolve the functions of the  2020 AGM to the Captain and officers on a once-off basis. 

The primary elements of the AGM are to receive and adopt the accounts, to receive reports and Captain’s address and to elect 2021 committee and officers.

We believe that motions from members could not be debated equitably or properly even on a virtual platform, so we propose for this year only, not to take any such motions.

You should have already received; Captain’s address,

Secretary’s report,

Statement of accounts,

Nomination papers for 2021 committee.

Nomination papers must be fully completed, with proposer and seconder signatures. A list of those members already nominated was circulated on Wed.25th.

Nominations will be accepted by post or by hand at the club house not later than 3.00 p.m. on Friday, December 4th. 

Ballot papers with names of  properly nominated persons who have indicated their willingness to have their names go forward for election will be forwarded to members by December 7th.

Completed ballot papers will be accepted by post or by hand at the Clubhouse not later than 3.00 p.m. December 14th. 

Counting of votes will be independently supervised.

Captain and officers will meet on December 17th. to ratify accounts and declare election results.

It  is important to repeat that this process has come about solely as a result of restrictions on movement and gatherings and that while it cannot replace a properly convened meeting it is the best solution for now.


Best wishes,


Gerard Liston, Captain.


Brian Mangan , Hon.Secretary.