Interclub Mixed Competition

A great team of golfers went out against Tralee last Saturday at 830am in Castleisland, supported by our two Captains. What golf: what great sportsmanship:  what wonderful team play viewed by all. By 12.45 Newcastle West golfers had won what can only be described as a very competitive match, with the 5th pairing being called in on the 17th tee box.  Out again at 2pm against Castleisland, very aware that they had home advantage but not allowing this have any affect. In periods of torrential rain all the men and ladies continued unrelenting. It was a spectators joy to watch while very tense. All matches were nip and tuck for the 18 holes. This was played out with 4 of the 5 teams going down the 19th hole, a position our GUI stewards said they had not seen before. What a chip from Shaun on the 18th into the hole to lead us off to the 19th, Rose having landed a great drive on the verge of the green. Then Martina chipped into the hole for a winning birdie on the 19th following a great drive by Tony. This was followed by Joan with a 30 foot winning birdy the ball having been landed from a great shot on the green by Eoin. The level of competition was evident when Liz and Sean having parred the first 6 holes had them only all flat.  Caroline and Dan giving 3  of the 7 shots NCW were giving took their opposition to the 16th where Dan having landed a great chip on was putted into the hole by Caroline for a par but our opposition followed with a great put and parred wining that match, Dan and Caroline having won against Tralee 3 up in the am. Unfortunately a mere roll of the ball on the 20th was only what separated us in the end. It was an honour and privilege as managers to have had the opportunity to work with such a great team. Well done to all. NCW club can be very proud.