Smithwick’s Cup

Smithwick’s Cup

Saturday 4th July/Sunday 5th July

Kindly Sponsored by Neary’s Bar

We had a fantastic turnout over the last two days for this year’s Smithwick’s Cup.

While the rain stayed away there was very strong winds over the weekend making for

tough scoring conditions.  However this dit not affect our winner, Liam Sheehy on having

a fantastic score of 42pts.  Well done Liam and to the prize winners and all who played this weekend.

We would also like to thank our members for using the HowdidIdo scoring app.  There was a great response

to our request.

1st: Liam Sheehy (16). 42pts.

2nd: Paul McDonagh (15). 38pts.

Best Gross: Bryan Dore (5). 31pts

3rd: James Herbert (16). 38pts.

4th: P J Noonan (14). 38pts.